2024 Conference Sponsors

Announcing our 2024 Sponsors. Because of them, we can make this event reach more women with our mission of cultivating community and sharing invaluable knowledge, teaching, and encouragement. 

McMurray Hatchery

Celebrating its 106th hatching season this year, Murray McMurray is the oldest hatchery in the United States. Their team has been providing customers with high-quality poultry and outstanding customer service since 1917. Tom Watkins and his family offer over 100 breeds of baby chicks, as well as ducks, geese, turkeys, quail, and many other types of poultry and fowl.

McMurray focuses on preserving rare and Heritage breed chickens while working with a diverse customer base. From full-time homesteaders to backyard keepers and 4H kiddos, McMurray is a trusted source in the poultry world. Their team takes great pride in hand-packing each order with care, ensuring that your baby chicks are off to the best possible start before they even reach your doorstep. Whether you have raised chicks before, or are just starting out on your chicken-keeping journey, McMurray Hatchery is the place to go for all your poultry needs. Check out their website today at mcmurrayhatchery.com and get your order in for spring chicks soon! @mcmurrayhatchery

Luna Marketing Studio

Drew DeFir is the Founder and CEO of Luna Marketing Studio where she leads a team of creators who serve local, national, and international marketing clients. For 10+ years, she has helped business owners build their brands online with clarity and confidence through the power of storytelling. ⁠

Drew’s passion for authentic storytelling was planted in her heart and instilled in her roots by her grandparents, Gene and Irma. She fondly remembers the days they spent working the garden, followed by shelling peas, shucking corn, and snapping beans as they took turns telling stories in the evenings on their patio. ⁠

If you are ready to learn how to best market your homestead or farm online, go check out Drew and her team on social media @luna.marketing.studio or online at lunamarketingstudio.com.

Miller Construction

Growing up in a bustling Amish community, Freeman Miller learned how to turn trees into furniture at a young age. He figured out that the little details earned the most satisfied customers. As he grew, he built cabins with his father and brothers. By the time he was 21, he had ventured out to build pole barns with his own crew, and Miller Construction was born.

Whether it’s a pole barn, barndominium, shop, home, or pavilion, we set ourselves apart in the details. We’re proud of our work, and the closer you look, the clearer that becomes. We love that special satisfaction of finishing a job, knowing it was done right. We chase that feeling because we are craftsmen.

At Miller Construction, honesty, quality, and detail is where it’s at since 2013. So go ahead and dream because we build.

The Rooted Market

The Rooted Market was founded in 2022 by Casey Goldey, a military spouse and homeschooling mama of two. Casey saw a need to bridge the link between the small, honest maker and the values-driven consumer. The Rooted Market is a faith-based market of quality, non-toxic, ethically-made home goods from several creators and small conservative brands across the USA. 

The Rooted Market’s mission is to create a slowed-down shopping experience and to cultivate a sovereign home with sustainable, quality goods rooted in values. Become a Rooted Member or sign up for email newsletters at www.therootedmarket.com for news, updates, exclusive coupons & sales, and to automatically enter for monthly giveaways!

“What something is made of, what’s in it, where it comes from and who made it matters.”

-Casey G. Owner & Shopkeeper


Sea-90 Ocean Minerals is the first step in regenerative agriculture.  Sea-90 offers nature’s complete spectrum of minerals and trace elements to remineralize your soil, grow more nutrient-dense plants, pastures, and food, and support the health and vitality of your animals.  Naturally created by the power of the ocean, Sea-90 is OMRI listed and fully organic certified.  Sea-90 offers solutions for all gardeners, farmers, and ranchers.  Bring the power of the ocean to your operation today with Sea-90 Ocean Minerals!

Baja Gold

Baja Gold Salt Co. offers the world’s healthiest, most flavorful mineral sea salt.  All-natural, unrefined, and unprocessed, Baja Gold retains the mineral nutrients of the ocean to help support peak performance and vitality.  Featuring lower sodium and more flavorful nutrients, Baja Gold is the natural choice for your family.  Give Baja Gold a try today!

Shenandoah Homestead Supply

Quality dairy essentials for the discerning milking animal owner. We have all the stainless steel milk pails, milk cans, strainers, and heavy glass bottles you need to hold your white gold. 

Carrying both American-made and international lines of equipment along with hard-to-find custom designs that you have helped us develop.

Toups & Co Organics

We believe the ingredients make the product. Our ingredients nourish the skin and provide the essential vitamins and essential fatty acids our skin craves.

Toups & Co. sources ingredients like 100% grass-fed tallow, cold-pressed organic olive oil, and organic essential oils. Each product has been formulated to maximize skin-nourishing benefits and your safety.

We go above and beyond to source organic products made in the USA. We are committed to supporting small, family, owned farms who grazed their cows on fresh pasture year round.”

Adoratio Farms:

We are a small family Goat Farm in Madison Heights, VA. We make and produce sustainable Goat Milk Products, such as Goat Milk Soaps, Shampoo Bars, Dog Shampoo Bars, Shave Bars, Laundry Soap, Lotions, Body Butters, Beard Butters, Salt Scrubs, Sugar Scrubs, Pit Paste Deodorants, and Lip Balms. We also make Cooking Aprons and Baking Extracts.

Our customers are searching for quality, handcrafted, locally sourced Goat Milk Bath and Body Products. They are purchasing products that are made with simple, pure, ingredients and appreciate sustainable packaging.

Hoff the Grid Homestead: Silver Sponsor 

Hoff the Grid Homestead is a regenerative farmstead owned by Adam and Emilee Hoff, specializing in non-GMO pastured Poultry and Forested Pork.

Both natives of McEwen, Tennessee, Adam and Emilee spent several vears out of state during the earl part of their marriage and moved back in 2017 to land that has been in Adam’s family for many years. Born out of a desire to honor the family land, revitalize its former status as an operational farm, and preserve its future, Adam and Emilee have spent years learning new skills in gardening and working the land.

The addition of livestock came out of a desire to promote animal welfare through the humane and ethical treatment of farm animals. Their operation continues to grow, and Adam and Emilee’s two young girls also help on the farm, learning to be good stewards for sustainable and ethical farming in our local community. As parents of daughters, Adam and Emilee believe it is crucial to empower them to stand firm in their faith and work hard to care for our earth and creatures as God intended.

David Eicholtz

David Eicholtz is a local TN realtor who is passionate about helping families and individuals find their new forever home, investment property, or land for their homesteading journey.

As a family, they believe in building community and serving and celebrating others in any way they can. After they traveled parts of the US in an RV they felt the Lords calling to middle TN and are overjoyed that Tennessee is home.

They enioy homesteading and homeschooling and have seen the rewards and joys that come from hard work and commitment to a different path than one that is conventional.

They hope to make a connection with everyone through real estate or better yet in life and community soon

Realty | @davideicholtz.tnhomes